Playwright Night Out: Thurs, June 30

28 Jun

Playwrights’ Commons is thrilled to host a June meet-up for Boston & New England area playwrights.

Join us for a social gathering Thursday, June 30 at the Institute of Contemporary Art on the Boston Waterfront. Non-playwrights are, of course, welcome too.

This month, we’re focusing on how playwrights can take inspiration from other art forms to spark new ideas. We invite you to take advantage of the ICA’s free admission and spend some time in the galleries before we meet for drinks.

At last month’s Night Out, we created exquisite corpse plays. This month, we’ll pose a writing challenge based on the pieces on display at the ICA for those who are interested.

The Plan:

The ICA is free on Thursday evenings after 5p, so spend some time roaming the exhibits, drinking up the inspiration.

Join us outside, on the harbor, at the ICA’s Water Cafe. We won’t have a reserved area at the cafe like we did last month at Stoddard’s, but we’ll try to be obvious so it’s easy to find us when you get there.


The ICA is a short walk from the Silver Line Courthouse stop. There are also several large parking lots adjacent to the museum; parking usually costs about $12-15.

PLEASE RSVP — it’s helpful in our interactions with the Night Out venues if we have a good idea of the size of our group.

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