Retreat: Day 1

9 Aug

I sense this theatre blog may to turn into a food & drink blog this week.

The three-car caravan left Boston and made two crucial stops before getting to the Retreat property in the mid-afternoon on Monday: [1] The NH Wine & Liquor Outlet so as to stock the bar for the week (all such sales are managed by the State ’round these parts, and kindly, they don’t charge much mark-up), and [2] the Portsmouth Brewery, where they kindly made room for a party of 11 and fed us tasty tasty lunch. Some retreatants took advantage of the vacationy aspect of the trip, and started the week off with purpose:

We arrived at our gorgeous Retreat property, nestled in the woods of the White Mountains, along the banks of both Little and Big Pea Porridge Ponds. While most people settled in and explored the path the the water, I led an expedition to the grocery store, some 15 miles away.

When one is shopping and cooking for 11 people, all with different palates, one can make a pretty huge dent in the food budget. 2 carts and several hundred dollars later, we were armed with dinner fixings, snacks, and breakfast for the next few days.

Dinner: BBQ chicken; grilled corn, zukes, & portabellas; grilled swiss chard; tofu dogs & buns…. I’m the resident chef this week while these guys relax and make some art.

We gathered for a bit of post-prandial show-n-tell. Into the small hours of the morning, we went one by one and read a bit of our own work, talked about current projects, heard our work read aloud by others, and engaged in a bit of sword play.

Phil and Jason read from Nina's play

Emily reads from Nina's play

Eventually I had to kick everyone up to bed so our intern, Phil, could bunk down on the pull-out mattress in the living room couch. Ah, such is the life of an intern. Don’t worry too much about him though. He was so well rested this morning that he was up at 6:30 for a Pea Porridge swim. …Ah, the life of an intern.

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