Theatre Artists on Wildcat Mountain

12 Aug

We spent the day on Wildcat Mountain (in direct view of Mount Washington’s weather station).

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There was a zipline (!!!), a gondola, lunch atop a mountain, an observatory, hiking vertically up (& down) a portion of the Appalachian Trail, hiking down the ski trails, and pleasant encounters with several bearded mountain men hiking the AT for the long haul.

While the hikes were beautiful, by far I loved the zipline best. Check it out!

The first group down the Wildcat ZipRider:

View from the ride itself (with a playwright waving in the distance):

Last night, I secretly gave the designers the task of paying especial attention to today’s experience for points of inspiration in their particular design fields (sound, violence, and puppetry).  This evening, I tasked the dramaturgs with creating the collaborative teams, matching designers and playwrights together. One hour later, each team had an outline for a new theatrical piece that used the designer’s ideas as a jumping-off-point. Tomorrow, they flesh these ideas out more fully as the playwrights run with the designers’ creative sparks. I can’t wait to see what they make!


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