Curious About the Avant Garde?

26 Apr

We’re excited to announce that PwritesCom Founding Dramaturg Ilana Brownstein will be offering a course through Boston University’s Summer Session on the Contemporary Avant Garde. The course is especially suited to playwrights and other theatre makers who wish to examine experimental forms, and offers individualized instruction. Join us!

Topics in Contemporary Drama

CFA DR 508 — Summer Term 1

Topic for Summer 2012: Post Dramatic Theatre. This topic is focused on the investigation of the Contemporary Avant Garde. The class explores the ways in which contemporary artists are using new media and innovative creation processes to move beyond the bounds of traditional theatrical storytelling. Students are introduced to works that may include: the In Yer Face movement, the Wooster Group, and Mabou Mines; theatre makers Young Jean Lee and Jay Scheib; venues PS112 and 3LD; works by groups such as Temporary Distortion, Radio Hole, and Nature Theatre of Oklahoma; and international work by playwrights like Daniel Veronese. Work consists of reading texts, watching archival video of performances, and completing an independent dramaturgical investigation of a playwright/theatre maker of the student’s choice. 4 cr. Tuition: $2260

Summer 1 (May 22-June 28) — Tues./Thurs. 9:30 am-1 pm

Willem Dafoe in The Wooster Group's "Hairy Ape"

Mabou Mines -- "Doll House"

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