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Retreat Cuisine

11 Aug

While the retreatants spend their time making site-specific work and avoiding contact with sharks in the woods, I’m playing cruise director. This also means I’m the head chef. I forgot how much I love cooking for large groups. Many years ago, I was a flunkie for Ensemble Studio Theatre’s summer of labs and classes at a property in Lexington, NY. In addition to housekeeping and chauffering, I also made breakfast and lunch every day for dozens of artists in residence out of leftovers from the previous night’s catered-in dinner (I got to do some theatre stuff too). Long repressed, those mostly positive memories are flooding back this week.

This time, however, I get to make the menu.

– Grilled spiced chicken

– Grilled zukes, swiss chard, and portabella caps

– Grilled pizzas with variations on roasted veggies, goat cheese, mozzarella, ground chicken, and ground bison

– Grilled corn, in the husk

– Eggs every morning

– Biscuits with goat cheese and zatar

– Chicken salad with lemon zest and chipotle

– Biscuits with lemon and blueberries

– From scratch mac-n-cheese (courtesy of Nina)

-Rigatoni with marinara and grilled veg

– S’mores roasted over the propane grill (but of course)



And the new official cocktail of Playwrights’ Commons:


1.5 parts good quality dark rum

1 part maple liqueur

1 lime wedge

Combine the liquors over ice, squeeze in the juice from the lime wedge, and stir until chilled. Garnish with lime.


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